Patient and Family Advisory Council

Council Membership

The Patient and Family Advisory Council consists of community members who have either been patients or family members of patients at Baptist Memphis. Council members are selected based on the variety of backgrounds, experiences at Baptist Memphis, and strengths each brings to the Council, with the goal of accurately representing the community for whom we care. Before joining the Council, participants are asked to make a one-year commitment.

Current Council Members

Tyria Perkins

Tyria PerkinsMy name is Tyria Perkins. I am the proud mother of two daughters. I joined the Patient and Family Advisory Council in December 2010. I am the member of the Special Care, CHF and readmission committees. On September 3, 2008, my mother Mrs. Mary M. Watkins was admitted with stomach pains. She was a patient for many years previously. My family and I observed the amazing care my mother was given. The entire stepdown ICU unit staff headed by Lawanda Davis excels at providing care for my mother. As her condition deteriorated, the entire unit continued to pray for me and my family. Not only would the unit pray, but a gentleman in environmental services would give me bible verses every day for encouragement. On January 8, 2010, my mom went to be with the Lord.

The advisory council has helped me to deal with the loss of my mother. I was very honored to be asked to serve on this council. My goals are to bridge communications between family members and medical staff on patient care and recovery. In addition I would like to acknowledge how wonderful Lawanda, Helen and Gregory were to my entire family. They even spoke at my mom’s memorial service. Lawanda received the 2009 Daisy award for her dedication and loyalty to patient care especially to my mom.

Thank you Baptist for having the vision to provide the utmost care for each patient and understanding the needs of their families during this difficult time.

Catherine Tatum

Catherine TatumMy husband and I had just moved to Memphis in 1977 and soon we realized we would be welcoming our first daughter to the world. Ann Catherine was born at Baptist Hospital in downtown Memphis. That was my first experience with the Baptist Hospital group. What a happy and joyful event. The nurses and doctors were wonderful.

Twenty five years later I had to have one kidney removed. Baptist East had been built and that was my choice. Again the doctors, nurses, and all staff members were great and I received very good care.

After that major surgery I had to go back for several tests and each time Baptist was there for me. I remember one time when I had to take a MRI that the technician prayer for me. That really helped put me at ease and I appreciated that.

One day I got a call from Baptist and they asked if I would participate in a survey... I usually don't like to do that but I said OK...Juli Story was so nice to follow up. I was impressed that they LISTENED! they listened to me! ...for a big organization to listen and to want to learn from their patients is really amazing to me. I am a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council now. It is a real privilege for me to learn more about Baptist. I'm learning what a great organization it truly is and how blessed the Memphis community is to have this hospital. I look forward to helping in any way that I can.

Brad Bradshaw

Brad and Joyce BradshawMy name is Brad Bradshaw. My immediate family consists of Joyce, my wife of 35 years, daughters Ashley, Tracy, and Courtney, son Nicholas, and five grandchildren.

As a "heart transplant recipient", my patient days at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis were numerous. Frankly, in the weeks before my transplant, I was in such a poor "state of health" that, to this day, I am really unable to recall much of what transpired leading up to my admission to Baptist Hospital.

I do, however, recall how kind and concerning ALL of the nurses and hospital personnel were to me. Given my condition and inability to move much, one of my fondest memories was when a nurse, named Lillian, "washed" my hair with warm water at night. What a wonderful thing that she was so willing to do. As the weeks and months passed, following my transplant, my family was treated by all with the GREATEST care and love that I could have ever hoped for.

Almost five years later, I still and will forever, consider the staff as my family and friends. This may seem trite, however, but to this day, I can still tell you the names of my many physicians, nurses, nurse assistants, patient assistants, dietary person, even the janitors!

My first involvement with the Patient and Family Advisory Council was via a telephone conversation with the CEO in mid-December 2010. I would like to think that my experience as a patient (unfortunately, several times!) will provide, to Baptist Memphis’ management, a better insight towards patient and family needs. Much the way the "mystery shopper" in the retail market provides data to marketing companies, I feel the same can be done in a hospital environment.

In addition to this Council, I serve as a volunteer on the:

I continue to try and make myself available for any need requested by Baptist Memphis’s personnel and management. To say the least, I am forever grateful and indebted to the entire Baptist Memphis staff, for providing me with a second chance at LIFE!

Joyce Bradshaw

Brad and Joyce BradshawMy name is Joyce Bradshaw. I joined the Patient and Family Advisory Council in March, 2011. I am married to Brad, a heart transplant patient. We have four children and five grandchildren. My connection to the council is totally due to Brad's heart transplant.

Prior to the transplant, Baptist Memphis had never been our place to turn to for any of Brad's many medical crises. And, furthermore, all of our children had been born elsewhere. So other than visiting patients at the hospital, I had not had any interaction with the hospital. Well, that all changed in August, 2006. When we woke on August 31, 2006, who knew our whole world would change!

While receiving treatment at another hospital in town, we received a call from the transplant coordinators at Baptist Memphis, telling us to come to the doctor’s office immediately. When we arrived, my husband was so sick that the doctor admitted him to the cardiopulmonary transplant unit at the Baptist Heart Institute. Brad was so sick that he could not communicate at all. I remember when we went up to the room, it felt like we had gone through a maze and I had no idea where we were. What a scary feeling.

Throughout this life-changing experience and others since that day, the entire staff at the hospital has always been so unbelievably helpful. I feel like they are part of our family now and it is so comforting that should Brad have to be admitted to the hospital, that he is being taken care of by such a wonderful group of people.

As a member of the Patient and Family Council, I hope to be able to give a patient's spouse's perspective of Baptist Memphis. Hopefully, my perspective will be insightful and areas that could use improvement can be addressed. I appreciate you allowing me to serve on this committee.

Ruby Thompson

Ruby ThompsonMy name is Ruby Thompson. I was employed by the IRS from June, 1972 until September 2002. I retired from the Service on September 30, 2002 after 30 years of service. I had a very rewarding career with IRS. I received numerous awards and certificates of appreciation for work accomplishments. I also had the opportunity to travel and meet many people all over the United States. I opened Trinity & Associated Tax Professionals in 2004. I prepare tax returns and represent clients when they are audited or have Collection issues. I am an Enrolled Agent and a Notary.

In November 1980, I married my husband, Robert Thompson. We had no children. On August 12, 2010 my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away on February 4, 2011. We had a wonderful life together and I miss him dearly.

I joined the Patient and Family Advisory Council because I felt that I could make a difference. I am a customer-oriented person and believe that all of us are stakeholders. If we share common goals, together we can make Baptist Memphis the best hospital in the USA.

I have had several very positive experiences at Baptist Memphis and don’t plan on going to any other hospital for treatment for family or self. In the 11 years we have been back in Memphis my husband had been hospitalized 3 times. I also have twin sisters who have been in Baptist Memphis. The nurse managers, nursing staff and social worker provided me with so much love and support during my husband’s illness and my sisters’ stays. They prayed for my family and me. They encouraged us while providing us with quality medical care. There are several people that I would like to mention but I can’t remember names. While everything has not been positive at Baptist Memphis, the staff has been quick to resolve any issues or concerns. Some of these concerns were shared during our meetings and have already been addressed.

I am honored to be a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council. One of my personal goals for this council is to make a difference. I am a customer- and results-oriented person and have excellent people skills. I believe these qualities will enable me to evaluate, listen and work through any situation put before me.

Caroline Caruthers

My name is Caroline Caruthers and I was a flight attendant for 18 years with US Airways. I am now retired. My family consists of two sons, two daughters in law, a very supportive mother-in-law, and four precious grandchildren. I was happily married for 50 years to Jerry R. Caruthers, who passed away July 2010.

I became a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council in 2011. My personal experience at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis was having my husband as a patient there for six weeks. He was in ICU for about three weeks and then moved to Stepdown ICU for his remainder. The people who made it special were the nurses on Stepdown ICU who not only provided wonderful nursing care, but they also did everything they could for our family. Their compassion and care helped us through a very difficult time.

I am currently serving on the Patient and Family Centered Care committee with the chief nursing officer Dana and her lead team of hospital managers and directors to provide patient and family-centered perspective to their findings. Being a member of the council is important to me because I know what it feels like to be with a loved one through serious illness and death. I want what I have been through to have meaning and to help other families who are in similar situations. My personal goals for the council are to offer patient/family perspectives in order to create a center of excellence for others who will be treated at Baptist Memphis. I hope what I have learned can be used in a meaningful way.

Roles and Responsibilities

Council members are expected to attend Council meetings for the purpose of receiving updates on events going on at Baptist Memphis, and to provide meaningful and constructive feedback and suggestions for enhancing services provided to our patients. Council members are asked to actively engage in issues or topics brought before the Council. In addition, Council members are asked to participate in hospital committees and teams of their choice where their talents and hospital experiences will be beneficial.


All Council members receive hospital orientation, including confidentiality statements, and receive photo ID badges to wear whenever on the hospital campus.

Council Meetings

Luncheon meetings are held every other month and are facilitated by the CEO / Administrator. Meeting agendas include updates on Baptist Memphis, and often involve department leaders sharing this information. Council members are also asked to provide updates on their involvement in hospital committees and teams, so consistent attendance is important.

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Interested in Joining the Council?

At Baptist Memphis, we are always looking for patients and family members who are interested in helping us enhance the experiences of the patients and families we serve.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Patient and Family Advisory Council at Baptist Memphis, please complete the online application form or email for additional information.

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