Heroes Television Campaign

In 2004, Baptist Memorial Health Care launched a television campaign featuring the health care team in action in three spots called “Heroes.” The TV spots, which emphasize the work done each day by Baptist staff and affiliated physicians, focus on Baptist’s emergency, heart and childbirth services.

Special Powers TV Spot

Special Powers

The people at Baptist wouldn't call themselves heroes. But they do have special powers. And they do wear masks. And they do have x-ray vision. And they do save lives. Every day.
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Little Guy TV Spot

Little Guy

Who are the people we look up to? The ones that make an impression. They're strong . . . and they're quiet. They're the ones that look after the little guy.
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To the Rescue TV Spot

To the Rescue

At Baptist, sometimes people have their hearts tested. And it's surprising what they find. They find courage. And bravery. And strength. And dedication. There's a word for people with hearts like that.
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