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One of the growing trends in health care is a simplified approach with personal attention. Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women is one of the local health care facilities to join an elite group, such as Baylor, Yale-New Haven and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, in providing this individualized care.

Beginning this fall, the Baptist Women’s Hospital will offer comprehensive breast health services under “one roof,” with a specialist to guide patients through the entire process. This approach gives women access to the latest medical treatments, the best medical experts, second and third opinions, all of the treatment options available and answers to individual questions – all with the support of a familiar face throughout the treatment process.

So here’s how it would work. After your physician refers you for further testing (a diagnostic mammogram) or the radiologist notices an abnormality in your mammogram, your care would be steered by a breast health coordinator, who is a registered nurse. The breast health coordinator would help you:

  • Get as many answers as possible that day, explaining the results of any tests and advising you of the options available.
  • Make you aware of resources available, such as breast cancer support groups and medical retail stores that provide wigs, bras and other supplies .
  • Help you set up appointments with any health care professionals involved in your care, including general surgeons, oncologists or genetic counselors.

The genetic counselor at Baptist can help determine if you have an inherited risk for developing cancer, arrange genetic testing, help you interpret the results of tests and provide counseling support.

In addition to making all of these services available under “one roof,” the Baptist Women’s Hospital will allow you to have your case medically reviewed as you undergo treatment. That helps ensure you receive the latest medical treatment available, along with the expertise of a variety of breast cancer specialists.

In this world of automation, evolving medical treatments and the variety of health care options, it’s a relief to see a return to a time of simple instructions, personalized care and a friendly face with the time to hear your concerns, answer your questions and offer you advice.

For more information about Baptist’s comprehensive breast health center, please call (901) 227-9000 or visit www.baptistonline.org.


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