Quilting as a Healing Art at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women

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It is fitting to find quilts hanging on the walls of a hospital dedicated to women because in the past, these handcrafted gems were often designed and made by women. And today’s quilting guilds often continue that tradition allowing women to spend time together, meet for a common good and bond. At Baptist Women’s Hospital, a hospital designed by women for women, hospital staff – predominantly women – continue that tradition – of caring for and helping women.

The quilts, hanging in the Baptist Women’s Hospital’s educational classrooms, administrative offices, stairwell and outside the outpatient diagnostic waiting areas, inspire and encourage healing. With themes such as “hope, health, healing” and “quilting for a cure,” these quilts share stories of women who survived or died fighting diseases. Two such quilts were designed and started by Patricia Roberts Cline, who was born with cystic fibrosis and died in 1996. Having survived 53 years with such a devastating illness, Cline had already accomplished a major feat and inspired others. Yet she left a legacy of triumph through her art, including the quilts “Victorian Echo” and “Symphony in Cloth and Thread.” Cline’s husband donated her quilts, which were completed by a number of her friends and fellow artists, to the hospital. The quilts are hanging outside the outpatient diagnostic area on the hospital’s second floor and in the stairwell near the crosswalk to the hospital’s garage.

Quilts have served a practical purpose for decades. But their value and purpose have changed over the years. Now quilts represent history, tradition, heritage and art. And their value and purpose are evident at Baptist’s Women’s Hospital. So the next time you visit Baptist’s Women’s Hospital, take notice of the quilts hanging throughout the hospital. They’re a joy and an inspiration to see.

For more information about Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women or the quilts hanging in the hospital, please call (901) 227-9000 or visit www.baptistonline.org.

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