Stroke Program Outcomes

The stroke outcomes (how a patient's FIM [Functional Independence Measures] improve from admission to discharge) at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown are higher than regional and national averages. In 2012, patients in the Baptist Rehab-Germantown program averaged a FIM change of 22.8 versus Regional 22.9 and National 22.6 averages.

  • 73% of stroke inpatients were discharged to community after an average stay of 16 days. Patients who continued therapy after discharge, came to our outpatient center for an average of 18 visits, or our Next Step program for an average of 15 visits.
  • Patients, who have had a stroke receive a minimum of three hours of physical, occupational and speech therapies per day before discharge from inpatient rehabilitation. Less than 10% required an acute care hospitalization after admission to rehabilitation.

Data provided by eRehabData

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