Brain Injury Program Persons Served

The brain injury program at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown serves individuals of diverse sociocultural backgrounds who have experienced brain injury of all origins and types. In general, persons served are medically and psychologically stable, able to breathe without the assistance of a ventilator, and present with physical/functional deficits and an expectation to discharge to a community living setting.

Patients with psychological or behavioral issues are excluded from admission if determined to be harmful to self or others.

Age of Persons Served

Adolescent (13-17), Adult, Geriatric

In 2012, Baptist Rehab-Germantown discharged 61 patients diagnosed with brain injury. These patients ranged in age from 18-93 with an everage age of 67 years. Twenty two (22) patients experienced traumatic injuries and 34 had non-traumatic injuries. Five patients had major multiple trauma involving head injury. There was one adolescent patient discharged in 2011 and 2 adolescents in 2010. 47% of brain injury patients were male and 53% female.