Brain Injury Program Patient Stories

Damon Staser

Damon Staser doesn't remember much about the car accident. At 22 he woke up and faced months in the hospital. He suffered a severe brain injury. Hard work and dedication by Damon and the therapy staff gave Damon a life full of possibilities. "Baptist Rehab- Germantown gave me answers and hope."

Brad Poor

After skidding off an icy road, Brad Poor was in a coma. Almost every bone in his body was broken; his abdominal organs were forced into his chest. When he came out of the coma, he couldn't walk, talk, or eat.

Baptist Rehab-Germantown's Next Step program helped Brad regain all those functions through an intensive program of physical and speech therapy. He'll even be able to drive again.

"They not only helped me out physically but also mentally," says Brad. "I needed to be re-taught absolutely everything. I'm so excited because I'll be able to drive to church on my own and even go back to school. None of that would be possible if not for the treatment I've received and continue to receive here at Baptist Rehab-Germantown."

Dot Dickey McManus

At 85, she's back to a busy life after successful rehabilitation for serious head trauma.

"I have no fear," says Dot Dickey McManus. "And I have great faith that as long as you are good and honest, everything will work out."

Even when Dot was sitting in an emergency room after a fall, she had complete faith in a full recovery. She was diagnosed with a concussion, and a CT scan showed bleeding in her brain. While her physician hoped it would stop on its own, it didn't, and Dot needed surgery. Although her surgery was successful, her brain had forgotten how to walk, and she began a three-week stay at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown.

"Everyone there was just wonderful to me," she says. "I felt like I was their only patient, because they showered me with attention." Therapists worked with her to regain her ability to walk, and her social worker made sure Dot's daughter, who lived in a distant city, was updated on Dot's medical progress. "Even the CEO of the hospital came to my room to check on me. And they all said they couldn't believe how I breezed through my treatment."

A few months after her stay, Dot shows no signs of slowing down. At 85 years old, she continues with her volunteer work, public speaking and spending time with her husband and family. She regularly writes inspirational notes, and she made sure to document her thoughts about rehabilitation. "In peace, your body can heal faster," begins one of her writings.

"I've had a wonderful life," Dot says. "And I really believe you can have anything you want in this world."

Christopher Travis

Rehab-Germantown staff helps injured teen become active again.

Christopher Travis can attest to the high standard of care offered at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown. When he was 16 and a sophomore at Millington High School, he fell from a moving vehicle in front of his house. He was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma and asubarachnoid hemorrhaging, or blood collecting on the brain.

Christopher was an inpatient at Baptist Rehab-Germantown from three weeks. When he first came to the hospital, he slept most of the time and did not speak to anyone. He was unable to perform everyday functions such as making up a bed, doing laundry or cooking. His balance was off, so he had to learn how to keep himself upright. The rehabilitation center has a simulated apartment, where Christopher practiced performing these activities to get him back into his everyday routine. He also participated in occupational, physical and speech therapy during his stay at Baptist Rehab-Germantown, where he was taught how to speak and become active again.

"The therapists were absolutely wonderful," said Janelle Scott, Christopher's mother. "They gave Chris money and took him to a restaurant to see if he knew what to do. They wanted to make sure he placed his order correctly and waited to get his change back after he paid."

The therapists and nurses were very supportive and patient with Christopher and his whole family. "Everyone there made us feel at home. The nurse at the sign-in desk was great and allowed our entire family to visit Chris so he could get used to being around them," said Janelle. "They set up a picnic in the cafeteria when it was closed so we could all eat together and hang out with Chris."

Because of the support and care provided by the therapy staff at Baptist Rehab-Germantown, one year after his injury Christopher could participate in everyday activities and finish his senior year in high school. According to his mother, Christopher is back to the same person he was before the accident.