Brain Injury Program Admission Criteria

Patients admitted to Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown are medically and psychologically stable, willing and able to participate in an active program of rehabilitation, and demonstrate potential to show significant and practical improvement in a reasonable period of time. Admission requires a physician order.

Patients admitted to outpatient rehabilitation need to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Have a Rancho Scale Level V or higher.
  • Medically stable and not homebound.
  • Psychologically stable and do not represent risk of harm to self and/or others.
  • Pre-morbid conditions and/or present symptoms indicate a reasonable expectation for significant, practical improvement within a reasonable time frame; and/or patients require the professional, skilled services of one or more rehabilitation disciplines/therapies.
  • Do not require 24-hour physician/nursing support. (Exception: pediatric patients requiring 24 hour nursing care for respiratory management, etc.)
  • Have been seen for treatment services beyond the initial evaluation are under the care of a physician and present a written physician’s order for a rehabilitation service.
  • Do not have a pre-existing illness which would significantly limit his/her ability to participate in their rehabilitation program and hinder his/her ability to progress towards increased independence (i.e.: organic brain syndrome, psychosis, or inadequate mentation). Exceptions include caregiver training/education and/or establishment and oversight of maintenance programs.

Patients with psychological or behavioral issues are excluded from admission if determined to be harmful to self or others.