Traumatic and Nontraumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Physical, occupational and speech therapists coordinate to provide targeted services addressing the varying needs of the brain injury population. Services range from physical dysfunction to cognitive and behavioral issues to prevocational needs. Our therapists have specialized skills and training designed to help them recognize the special needs of brain- injured individuals and provide consistent and structured rehabilitation. Our goal is for patients to achieve maximum independence. Consultative resources are available for psychological, vocational and driving assessment and services.

Brain Injury programming at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown is recognized and accredited by Medicare (CMS), the Joint Commission, and the Committee on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This program is offered by a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team of professionals with specialty training, experience and credentials for management of acquired brain injury. The brain injury team at Baptist Rehab-Germantown strives to provide effective and evidence-based care and outcomes related to the specific needs of the brain population. Baptist hospital provides a continuum of acute care, post acute care, home care and outpatient services.

In addition to traditional outpatient therapy and Next Step day treatment, Baptist Rehab-Germantown offers a multidisciplinary spasticity clinic. This clinic is staffed by a physiatrist (rehab doctor), therapist (physical or occupational) and ancillary support for bracing, splinting, seating, etc. This team coordinates to develop an integrated plan of care for optimal functional mobility and/or self-care.