Community Involvement

Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center is involved with various local agencies and groups including the American Stroke Association, the West Tennessee Brain Injury Association, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society and participates in local public service initiatives.

Patient/Family Education

Stroke- Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center utilizes American Stroke Association materials (handouts, videos, etc) to identify causes and types of stroke; modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors; warning signs and symptoms of stroke or recurrent stroke; adjustments to stroke and available support systems; and community resources.

Spinal Cord Injury- Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center utilizes Paralyzed Veterans Association manual, “Yes You Can,” as a primary resource for physiology of SCI, Autonomic Dysreflexia (T6 and above), neurogenic pain, sexuality after SCI, skin care and pressure sore prevention, wheelchair maintenance and safety, risk factor management, medical nutrition, emergency preparedness, spasticity management, pulmonary care, and community re-entry and resources.

Support Groups

Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center provides information and resources regarding local condition specific support groups including Stroke Support Group, West Tennessee Brain Injury Support Groups, Spinal Cord Support Groups, Parkinson’s Support Groups, MS Support Groups, and others.

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