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Massage Therapy

At Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center, licensed massage therapists are available for coordination and participation in orthopedic rehabilitation to assist with techniques to promote increased circulation and tissue extensibility that can assist in the rehab process or enhance post workout recovery. In addition, massage therapy services provided by a licensed massage therapist are available to the general public without physician referral. To schedule a massage at Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center, call 901-757-3458.

Post Rehab Exercise

Guided exercise and activity instruction designed to bridge the gap between discharge from physical therapy and return to community participation.

When the skilled care of a licensed therapist is no longer required, the post-rehab program is designed to provide Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center therapy patients with the opportunity to continue exercise in a medical/rehabilitation atmosphere. Post rehabilitation services are provided by therapy technicians trained in exercise and conditioning for special populations with medical conditions. Once appropriate goals have been established, an individual routine will be set up and followed. Program fees are as follows:

1 hour sessions 1 month; 12 sessions; 3x per week $360
1 hour sessions 1 month, 8 sessions, 2x per week $280
1/2 hour sessions 1 month, 12 sessions, 3x per week $210
1/2 hour sessions 1 month, 8 sessons, 2x per week $160
1 hour, per session $40
1/2 hour, per session $25

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