VitalStim Therapy

Certified Speech Language Pathologists utilize FDA approved electrical stimulation (VitalStim) to treat dysphagia (swallowing disorders). As a result of this treatment approach many patients who once were restricted in their diet or relied on feeding tubes for nutrition can now enjoy meals with their families. VitalStim therapy uses electrical stimulation to re-educate muscles to swallow by stimulating the muscles into contraction, increasing range of motion, preventing muscle atrophy, and increasing local blood circulation. At Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center a majority of patients who have participated in the VitalStim therapy program have returned to functional swallowing.

VitalStim Experia

BBaptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center was the first in the Mid-South to offer a program of functional electrical stimulation for the treatment and management of swallow disorders/dysphagia. Baptist has since added the VitalStim Experia device to provide a more diverse program of electrical stimulation that not only assists with movement but also provides biofeedback and treatment of swelling and scar tissue formation.