Spinal Cord Injury Program Persons Served

The spinal cord injury program at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown serves individuals of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds who have experienced complete spinal cord injury at the C5 level and below and/or all levels of incomplete injury. In general persons served are medically and psychologically stable, able to breathe without the assistance of a ventilator, present with physical/functional deficits requiring service of 2 or more rehabilitation disciplines and have an expectation of discharge to a community living setting.

In 2012, Baptist Rehab-Germantown discharged 43 patients diagnosed with Spinal Cord Injury. These patients ranged in age from 20-89 with an average age of 62. One adolescent patient discharged in 2010. Sixteen (16) patients experienced traumatic injuries, 26 had non-traumatic injuries, 2 had combined brain and spinal injury. 60% of spinal cord injury patients were male and 40% female.

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