Pediatric Outpatient Therapy Persons Served

Population Served

  • Pediatric patients with developmental, sensory/motor, orthopedic, brain injury, and/or neurologic conditions.
  • Rancho scale – III (able to follow simple commands in an inconsistent, delayed manner) or higher for inpatients; V (confused, non-agitated, alert) or higher for Next Step and outpatient.
  • Meets admission criteria for outpatient rehabilitation and/or the Next Step program.
  • Medically stable – able to breathe without the assistance of a ventilator.
  • Patients with psychological or behavioral issues are excluded from participation if determined to be harmful to self or others.
  • Reasonable expectation to enhance independence and/or participation in a community environment or requires skilled intervention to maintain current status and/or prevent complications.

Age of Persons Served

  • Outpatient – Birth through 17 years old.

In 2012, Baptist Rehab-Germantown served a total of 542 pediatric outpatients. 7% were <1yr old, 45% were 1-3 years old, 32% 3-5 years old, 22% 6-12 years old and 4% >12 years old. Inpatient rehabilitation discharged 2 adolescents in 2012 ages 13 & 17.

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