Pediatric Rehabilitation Admission Criteria

Needs of Persons Served

  • Potential to show significant, practical improvement within a reasonable period of time.
  • Equipment needs related to growth and development.
  • Identified risks/deficits requiring testing/skilled evaluation.
  • Activity limitations may result in denial of admission. However, exceptions may exist for persons served with secondary diagnoses and/or medical complications requiring a low intensity rehabilitation program. Participation restrictions may be incorporated as part of interdisciplinary treatment plan.
    • Inpatient: Minimum Rancho III – able to follow simple commands in an inconsistent, delayed manner.
    • Outpatient: Minimum Rancho Level V – Confused, Non-Agitated.
  • Willing to actively participate in therapy or treatment.
    • Inpatient:  Requires 24 hour availability of MD with specialized rehabilitation training.
    • Inpatient:  Requires 24 hours availability of RNs with specialized rehabilitation training.
    • Inpatient:  Requires relatively intense level of rehabilitation services:  General threshold is 3 hours/day over 5 day period of 15 hours over 7 day period.

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