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Our goal is to help employees return to work as quickly and efficiently as possible

Your occupational therapist employs a variety of therapeutic activities to improve or restore your ability to perform functional tasks. These therapists also hold additional certification in neurodevelopmental training and brain injury rehabilitation. The goals of occupational therapy include:

  • Evaluating and working to develop patients' daily living skills, such as the ability to brush teeth, get out of bed and get dressed
  • Maximizing each patient's level of independence at home, work, the community and in leisure activities
  • Teaching daily living skills such as personal hygiene, dressing and home making skills
  • Introducing adaptive techniques for eating and writing and using modified equipment to drive a car
  • Evaluating and providing appropriate adaptive equipment

Baptist offers employment testing, fit-for-duty screening and functional capacity evaluations, as well as prevention training including ergonomic assessment/analysis, Americans with Disabilities Act job analysis, on-site musculoskeletal wellness programs, needs assessment, job banking/essential function identification and carpal tunnel screening.

Low Vision Therapy

Occupational therapists specialized in low vision therapy provide services aimed at helping those with low vision learn the skills needed to maximize their remaining eyesight. Through individualized treatment plans, patients learn a variety of daily living skills including managing medications; managing mail; and correspondence; making proper use of light, magnifiers and other adaptive equipment; making handwriting more legible; and learning how to eat and prepare meals without spills.

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