Orthopedic Services

General Orthopedics

Our staff of highly experienced, specialized orthopedic therapists provide outcome driven, functionally based therapy interventions to patients with both operative and non-operative orthopedic conditions including fractures, arthritis, total joint replacement, strains, sprains, joint pain, and amputation just to name a few. Individual treatment plans are designed to monitor progress towards established goals and address specific functional deficits.

Spine/Pain Management

Specialty trained staff provide treatment to patients with spinal dysfunction and/or chronic pain. Treatment options include manual therapy techniques, postural training, pain management techniques, and exercise instruction. Modalities are available to assist with symptom control and pain relief, however, patients are encouraged early on to take an active role in their treatment plan through participation in clinical and home exercise programs and lifestyle management techniques.

Workers Compensation

Work related injuries are treated according to the industrial athlete philosophy. In other words, we want to get workers back in the game as quickly as possible. To accomplish this we recognize the importance of individual accountability and team coordination and communication. Individual treatment plans are developed with established return to work goals. Throughout their therapy, workers are encouraged to actively participate in their recovery and are provided ergonomic recommendations and techniques to return to work safely. Program components include injury rehabilitation, employee education, and work conditioning programs.

Comprehensive occupational services available through Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown include:

  • On-sight injury prevention programming
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Employment testing
  • Employee education programs
  • On-sight physical therapy services
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Job analysis

Hand Therapy

Due to the complex biomechanical structure and inter-relationships of the hand and its role as a primary link to the environment and functional activities, specialty staff including a certified hand therapist are designated to provide hand therapy services. Staff provide both custom and non-custom splinting services as needed. Treatment programs include edema control, scar management, range of motion, and strengthening. Patients are returned to functional use of their hand and upper extremity as healing safely allows.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy services utilizes principles of temperature, buoyancy, turbulence, hydrostatic force, and resistance to address a variety of orthopedic conditions including joint replacement, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and spine and pain conditions. The aquatic environment allows early, safe ambulation training for patients with weight bearing precautions or balance issues. Aquatic and land based activity is coordinated for a smooth continuum of care with an ultimate goal of maximal function and return to daily activities.

Women's Health

Therapists with specialized training are available to address physiologic impairments frequently occurring in women. Among these, urinary incontinence and pelvic pain are treated effectively through a combination of biofeedback, electrical stimulation therapy, targeted exercise programs and/or manual therapy techniques.

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