Diabetes Education Center

You are not alone with your diabetes.

Baptist Rehab-Germantown Diabetes Education CenterMore than 20.8 million Americans have diabetes, and like you, they require a lifetime of treatment.

Diabetes is a complex disease that requires daily self-management, including making healthy food choices, staying physically active, monitoring your blood sugar and taking medications as prescribed by your doctor.

Successful self-management will improve your overall health and help you avoid certain complications, including heart disease, eye disorders, kidney disease, nerve damage and lower leg amputation. The diabetes educators at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown are here to teach you the skills and provide the resources needed to help you manage your diabetes and live a healthier lifestyle.

Our Diabetes Management Services

Our expert team, including a certified diabetes nurse educator, dietitian and pharmacist, can guide you through your treatment, help you with any issues you may encounter along the way and develop an individualized plan that may include the following:

  • Learning how to balance your eating, physical activity, medication and blood sugar monitoring routines.
  • Incorporating lifestyle needs, such as cultural eating habits and exercise preferences, into your management plan.
  • Offering vital tips and self-care information to reduce your risk of diabetes-related complications.
  • Making traveling and dining out easier and healthier.
  • Learning how to prevent, recognize and treat high and low blood sugars and devise a plan for sick days.
  • Helping prevent or delay other complications such as heart disease, blindness, kidney failure and nerve damage .
  • Learning how to prevent, recognize and treat foot problems.
  • Decreasing your health care costs by reducing the need for hospital stays and the treatment of complications.
  • Developing healthy coping strategies and problem-solving skills.
  • Improving your confidence in your ability to manage your diabetes.

We offer classes to accommodate your needs. To help patients stay on track with their diabetes care, all patients have free, unlimited access to the diabetes team for one year, following the education classes.

Our diabetes education program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and requires a referral from your primary care physician.

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