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Community Programs

Community Education

Ongoing education classes at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown are free and open to the public. Please contact identified class leaders for additional information and class schedules.

Brain Injury Education

Contact Monika Kolwaite PT, NCS,, phone 901-757-3426 for dates and times.

Stroke Education

Contact Teresa McGoldrick RN, BSN email phone 901-757-3426 for dates and times.

Community Classes

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissue structures of the body to alleviate muscle tension, relieve stress and help the body recover from in jury. When muscles are overworked or injured, waste products such as lactic acid can build up, resulting in soreness, stiffness or muscle spasms. Massage serves to improve circulation, which increases blood flow bringing fresh oxygen to body tissues. This can speed up the elimination of waste products, thus promoting healing and recovery from injury.

Post Rehab Exercise

The post-rehab program is designed to provide patients with the opportunity to continue exercise in a medical/rehabilitation atmosphere. Post rehabilitation services are provided by therapy technicians trained in exercise and conditioning for special populations with medical conditions. Once appropriate goals have been established, an individual routine will be set up and followed. Program fees are as follows:

1 hour sessions 1 month; 12 sessions; 3x per week $360
1 hour sessions 1 month, 8 sessions, 2x per week $280
1/2 hour sessions 1 month, 12 sessions, 3x per week $210
1/2 hour sessions 1 month, 8 sessons, 2x per week $160
1 hour, per session $40
1/2 hour, per session $25


Warm water pool. Instructor led "Making Waves" classes are available to the public. One hour classes are structured either a 2 or 3 day per week format at various times each day for a total of 26 offered sessions each week. Classes do not require a physician's order but may require a medical release. For more information or to sign up for a class, call 901-757-3458.

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