Next Step Day Treatment Outcomes

The Next Step Program at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown measures every patients progress during treatment and outcomes, (how a patient improves admission to discharge) using FIM + FAM assessment tool. Thirty individual items are measured in the areas of motor, cognitive, communication, behavioral and community function. Patients in the Next Step Program averaged a 15 point increase in these measures at discharge.

  • 72% of Next Step patients successfully completed their course of treatment after an average number of 21 visits.
  • Patients who enter the Next Step Program routinely receive a minimum of two to three hours of physical, occupational and/ or speech therapies per visit before discharge to the next level of care. Many patients also receive neuropsychology, recreation therapy, respiratory therapy and nutritional therapy.

100% of all Next Step patients who responded to a phone survey after discharge rated the care received during the Next Step Program as "very good."

Data provided by Next Step

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