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Skilled Rehab Unit

A level of care for orthopedic and medical patients with generalized weakness

Patients recovering from joint replacements, orthopedic fractures, or medical conditions that are ready to be discharged from the hospital but not ready to return home or begin rehab, can benefit from the Baptist Skilled Rehab Unit-Germantown.

The skilled rehab unit, located within the hospital, is designed to help patients return home and regain their independence with no lapse in care.

Patients who can benefit from the Skilled Rehab Unit typically have the following diagnoses:

  • Orthopedic fractures
  • Joint replacement
  • Generalized weakness

You get skilled inpatient care from a facility that specializes in rehabilitation, establishing valuable relationships with the nurses and therapists who will coordinate your care at every level. The level of registered nursing care in the skilled rehab unit exceeds state licensure standards. The unit is Joint Commissioned Accredited.

For more information, or to make referrals, please call 888-267-NEED or 901-757-3474.

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Persons Served

In 2012 the skilled rehab unit at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown discharged 468 residents. These residents had an average age of 71 years. 39% of patients were male and 61% female. The skilled rehab population consists of: 31% total knee arthroplasty, 24% fractured hip, femur, pelvic, 19% total hip arthroplasty and 26% others.

Skilled Rehab Unit Program Outcomes

87% of residents were discharged to community settings after an average stay 11.6 days. 46% of residents continue therapy after discharge in our outpatient department.

Residents routinely receive between 2 and 2 and a half hours of physical, occupational and speech therapies per day before discharge from the Skilled Rehab Unit. Only 4% required an acute care hospitalization after admission to the Baptist Rehabilitation Skilled Unit-Germantown. These acute episodes were identified by clinical staff and were quickly addressed, preventing a more senous outcome.

93% of all inpatients who responded to a written survey mailed after discharge rated their overall experience at Baptist Rehabilitation as "good" or "very good"*

*This data provided by PressGaney

"Back to his favorite things"

James Hensley knew he felt bad. Chest pains sent him to the ER. A week later, he woke up. "They told me I was everything but dead" After 3 weeks, he was strong enough to come to the Skilled Rehab Unit. "If not for all the staff here, I would still be flat on my back. These therapists got me home to my favorite things–planting tomatoes."

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