Amputation Program Treatment & Technology

Specialty Programs/Facilities/Equipment

Technology Center

Computers with wireless internet access. Adaptive access via various mouse types, roller balls, joysticks, Dragon Speak software, etc. Links to disability and diagnosis specific websites are pre-loaded as favorites and include the Amputee Coalition of America, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association.

Patient/Family Communication Systems

The Technology Center at Baptist Rehabilitation also provides access to Care Pages and Caring Bridge resources. Through these systems, patients and caregivers can communicate status, needs and updates to friends and family members and receive ongoing communication and support from loved ones via the internet.

Lift System

Assists with patient and staff safety confidence and comfort. Installed in 11 patient rooms covering 21 patient beds. Ceiling lifts are also available in the therapy gyms and pool area for transfer assist as well as un-weighted gait training.

Biodex Unweighing System

Un-weighing system provides body weight support of varying degrees depending on patient need and reduces apprehension and effort associated with early weight bearing and gait training after amputation. System allows for increased therapist focus on quality of movement versus weight bearing support. As a result, patients experience reduced anxiety and improved velocity and endurance for higher repetition gait training.

Gait Trainer Treadmill

Specialized force plate within treadmill provides visual biofeedback and objective electronic reports for step and stride length. The gait trainer treadmill is available for use with or without un-weighing device.

Wii System

Provides interactive activities for practice and reinforcement of functional movements, balance and endurance in a safe and controlled environment. Wii system utilizes a 46 inch flat screen monitor and is located within the overhead lift system footprint for use separately or in coordination with un-weighing.

Seating and Mobility

Baptist Rehabilitation coordinates with area vendors for individualized seating and mobility assessments. Demonstration chairs including powered mobility and adaptive/supportive seating are available for trial and experience throughout the rehab process.

Bracing and Splinting

Baptist Rehabilitation works with local prosthetic and orthotic companies to provide individualized bracing and prosthetic assessments. Multiple options are available for patient use and trial during the rehabilitation stay.

Care Alert System

Patient safety system for use with patient with cognitive and or behavioral disorders that alerts caregivers when a patient enters/exits the nursing unit.

Monitored Rooms

Baptist Rehabilitation has 21 monitored beds with a 24 hour dedicated monitor technician to promote patient safety and falls protection in the least restrictive environment possible.

Community Re-entry Outings

Supervised outings to community locations for integrated practice of therapeutic techniques. Outings are individualized to patient needs but common outings include grocery, retail, leisure and restaurant.

Home Modifications

Several mechanisms are available for recommendation of home modification and equipment needs and range from patient/caregiver interview, floor plan review, and/or actual site visits.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Patients are introduced to vocational rehabilitation and resources are provided as appropriate during inpatient and/or outpatient rehabilitation.


Case managers work with patients on an individual basis for long term planning regarding formal educational needs and also to provide necessary services during the rehabilitation process.

Continuum of Care

Inpatient, outpatient and an integrated/functional "Next Step" day treatment programs are all available at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown.


Handicap accessible vans with patient lift and lock-down adaptations are available for therapeutic outings, home visits, and outpatient transport.

Transitional Living Unit

This apartment type setting allows patients and families to assess their skills and confidence under the supervision of the rehabilitation team so that issues and concerns can be included in therapeutic goals and addressed prior to discharge.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Room

Baptist offers a newly renovated and extensively designed area for training and practice of home based skills such as food preparation, cooking, laundry, bathroom skills, home making skills, and household transfers.

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