Patient Guide to Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown

Baptist Rehab-Germantown began serving the Mid-South community in 1964. Our goal is to help children and adults disabled by injury or illness achieve a renewed sense of independence and dignity. For these patients, independence does not come easily; it comes only through hard work, determination, therapies and a team effort.

We want to partner with you and your family to help you along this journey. Our expert team members, who are highly trained in their respective clinical areas, work as an interdisciplinary team with you and your family to determine realistic goals and create a specialized program to meet your needs.

Providing each patient with the best possible care and service is our No. 1 goal. At our hospital, you have the staff, services and resources here to serve you and answer any questions you might have.

Family and Friends: Your Keys to Success

The support of family and friends is vital to your success in meeting your rehabilitation goals. During your stay, your treatment team interacts with your family members and/or caregivers to outline specific ways family and friends can help. In fact, family members and friends are often encouraged to participate in your daily activities while you're a patient at Baptist Rehab-Germantown. By being a part of your activities at the hospital, family and friends learn how important it is for you to feel a sense of independence and may be more likely to foster that independence when you return home.

Telephones/television sets/radios

Telephones are in each room and are labeled with direct line numbers. Televisions are provided free of charge. Cell phone usage is permitted at Baptist Rehab-Germantown. Cell phones should not be used during therapy sessions.

Radios are allowed and can be brought from home, but headphones are recommended. For safety, please let staff know when you bring any electronic device into the hospital. The maintenance department will need to do a safety check. Televisions and radios are to be turned off by 10:30 p.m. to allow a quiet environment for rest.


We maintain tight security at our facility. However, valuables and money can be misplaced or lost, and we advise patients to leave jewelry and other valuables at home and to keep only a small amount of money in the room. Other than vending machines, there is no need for money. Baptist Rehab-Germantown is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


All Baptist facilities have implemented a tobacco-free policy. We respectfully request patients, visitors and employees to refrain from smoking on our property, including outside of buildings and parking areas. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hair stylist

A hairdresser is available once a week and can wash, cut and style/set hair. Please check with staff regarding schedule and pricing.


Several restaurants are within walking distance of the hospital. A full directory including menus can be requested from the nurses' stations or information desk.

Hotel accommodations

There are many hotels located near Baptist Rehab-Germantown offering a wide range of accommodations and services. A full directory can be requested from the nurses' stations or information desk.

Room changes

We try to keep patients in their original room. However, it is sometimes necessary to move patients. Most often patients are moved to protect and maintain their health. Unfortunately, we are sometimes not able to notify you before the move. Please contact the nurses' station if you have any questions about the room.

Transitional Living Unit

Depending on individual circumstances, patients may stay in our transitional living unit before their discharge so they may practice many of the skills and tasks they will need upon returning home. The unit consists of a fully furnished suite with beds, a living room and kitchen.



Patient safety is our No. 1 concern. Because you may be weak from surgery or other conditions, or you may be experiencing side effects from medication, we ask that you call for help before getting up. Our team is ready to assist you.

If your care team decides you are at high risk for falls, bed exit alarms, low beds and video monitoring are available to help reduce your risk of falling. If you have questions about these precautionary measures, please let your care team know.


Pain is a common concern for patients requiring rehabilitation services. Our rehabilitation team is committed to assisting you with pain management throughout your stay. Your treatment team will devise a plan to help you manage pain, which may include medication, positioning, certain activities and proper food selection and fluid intake. We encourage you to openly discuss pain issues with your care team so your rehabilitation experience is as comfortable as possible.

Unit security and monitors

Some patients' rooms are equipped with cameras. These cameras are monitored at the nurses' station. Patients who need constant monitoring for safety or medical concerns are typically assigned to these rooms. Please ask your nurse if you have any questions about this monitor. We ask your permission before setting up a monitor.

Some unit doors are monitored with an alarm. To protect patients' health while still allowing them to move freely around the unit, certain patients wear a band around the wrist or ankle that rings when passing over the doorway. The ring alerts staff that a patient who needs supervision is leaving the unit. If you or a family member needs this monitor, our staff will let you know.

Patient Information Guide

Baptist Rehab-Germantown Patient Information Guide

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