History of Baptist Rehab-Germantown

In the Beginning

Baptist Rehabilitation Germantown opened in 1994 as The Rehabilitation Hospital of the MidSouth. The building originally housed an outpatient surgery facility operated by Baptist Memorial Hospital dealing primarily with ear, nose, and throat and podiatry procedures. The hospital was licensed as an acute facility but the main focus was rehabilitation. Initially the building opened as several different companies working together.

In 1996, Baptist Memorial Health Care assumed a stronger presence and the hospital name was changed to Baptist Rehabilitation. On May 1, 1997, Baptist Memorial Health Care acquired rehab services, on July 27, Baptist Memorial Health Care acquired lab and pharmacy and on Sept 1 of the same year, Baptist Memorial Health Care acquired Ambulatory Medical Services thus pulling all services under 1 umbrella. At that time, Baptist Rehab-Germantown had a total of 68 rehab beds, 17 acute care beds and 6 operating rooms.

In 1998 Baptist rehab opened the first sports medicine program for Baptist and an outpatient diagnostic imaging center was also opened.

Into a New Century

In early 2000, the radiology and diagnostic center grew to include more outpatient diagnostics including nuclear medicine and an open MRI. Over the years, Baptist Rehab-Germantown has recognized exceptional growth in outpatient diagnostics with many physicians referring their patients here for testing.

During this time, the outpatient therapy department also experienced significant growth and Baptist Rehab-Germantown established several satellite clinics separate from the main hospital to more conveniently serve patient needs. Outpatient therapy, aquatic therapy as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are offered.

In 2000, tertiary rehabilitation services and specialty programs from the Baptist Medical Center campus with a rich history dating back to the late 1960s were also moved to Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown beginning a journey to develop a neurologic rehabilitative center of excellence on the Baptist Rehab-Germantown campus.

During 2002, Baptist Rehab-Germantown again expanded services to include a Wound Care Center and Pediatric Outpatient therapies (PT, OT and ST). The Wound Care Center was initially the only physician led outpatient wound center available in the Baptist Memorial Health Care system and remains the only center of its kind at Baptist in the metro area.

In 2003, additional focus was given to inpatient safety and a wing of video monitored beds were installed to allow closer monitoring of high risk patients in the inpatient rehabilitation unit. An outstanding feature of this program is Baptist Rehab-Germantown's commitment to employ a full time monitor technician to observe patient activity and triage assistance as needed.

In January of 2008 Baptist further expanded the continuum of rehabilitative care by adding an intensive outpatient day treatment program for patients with major neurologic disease, spinal cord injury or amputation. This program, known as the Next Step Program, offers a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to care and incorporating practical and functional community tasks and education programs into the outpatient rehabilitation experience.

Growing List of Services

In 2008, Baptist Rehabilitation Germantown received a sizeable grant from the Baptist Foundation to become the first comprehensive provider of Bioness functional electrical stimulation services followed closely by another grant to become the first provider in the area offering VitalStim therapy for swallowing. The swallowing grant was later expanded to purchase the VitalStim Experia device for swallowing and to develop a comprehensive, interdisciplinary swallow management center combining speech therapy, physical therapy and nutritional services. The swallow management center focuses on swallow deficits, particularly those associated with head and neck cancer.

In 2009 Baptist Rehab-Germantown developed a technology center allowing adaptive patient access to internal and internet resources to further address patient's educational, leisure and social needs. Baptist Rehab-Germantown also established the Diabetes program and became the Baptist system leader for diabetes services. Over the years this program has blossomed to offer multiple grant supported pre-diabetes classes, a youth program to educate area first graders on the importance of nutrition and exercise called Get Fit First and an adolescent diabetes summer camp in addition to typical diabetes management services. To further efforts to support staff and patient safety, Baptist Rehab-Germantown installed full room coverage overhead lifts in 11 patient rooms covering 22 patient beds. Lifts were also installed in inpatient and outpatient therapy gyms as well as the therapeutic pool and are used for transfer assist as well as body weight support for standing activities and gait training.

In November 2010 Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown converted 18 rehabilitation beds to skilled nursing and opened the skilled Rehabilitation Unit at Baptist Rehabilitation Germantown.

In 2011, the outpatient diagnostic department added a 1.5 tesla large bore MRI for enhanced image quality and expanded services while still offering a comfortable device for large patients and those with claustrophobic concerns. Around this same time, speech modified barium swallow studies were digitized and added to the PACS system for improved ability to monitor and share actual results with physicians.

In early 2012, Baptist Rehab-Germantown became the first in the area to offer certified Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) therapists providing evidence based care and treatment to Parkinson's patients. Despite the name the LSVT program includes a movement program (LSVT BIG) as well as a voice program (LSVT LOUD).

2012 also saw Baptist Rehab-Germantown become the first in the area to incorporate InMotion upper extremity robotics into our rehabilitation arsenal. This technology further supports efforts to offer evidence based interventions to promote neurologic recovery.

In July 2012, Baptist Rehabilitation partnered with the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Tennessee to become the first in the area to offer a post graduate Physical Therapy Residency program in Orthopedics and in May of 2013 this program received full accreditation.

Continued Growth

In the fall of 2014 Baptist partnered with Centerre Healthcare, now Kindred Healthcare, and relocated 49 inpatient rehabilitation beds to a new inpatient rehabilitation hospital named Baptist Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital-Germantown located at 1230 South Germantown Road. Significant features of the new inpatient rehabilitation hospital includes all private patient rooms and expanded common outdoor recreation areas.

Baptist Rehab-Germantown located at 2100 Exeter continues to serve adult and pediatric patients who need outpatient therapies and diagnostics.

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CARF Accreditation

In 2006, Baptist Rehab-Germantown was accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). In 2013, CARF accredited six Baptist Rehab-Germantown programs for the maximum of three years. CARF offers the highest accreditation a rehabilitation hospital can achieve.

Learn more by reading our CARF press release or information about our accredited programs.