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Varian TrueBeam™ Radiotherapy System:
A Real Ray of Hope

TrueBeam™ is an innovative, non-invasive breakthrough technology for cancer patients. It gives you more options for treating a whole range of tumors. Oncologists can treat more complex cancer cases. Increased speed means shorter treatment times, which leads to less interruption of patients' daily lives. And it's designed with patient comfort in mind.

How Does It Work?

The TrueBeam platform for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery is the first fully integrated system designed from the ground up to treat a moving target, such as a lung tumor, with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

  • The TrueBeam system uses a completely re-engineered control system and a multitude of technical innovations to dynamically synchronize imaging, patient positioning, motion management, and treatment delivery.
  • The increased level of precision will make it possible for doctors to treat a moving lung tumor as if it were standing still. By synchronizing treatment with tumor position changes throughout the respiratory cycle, doctors will be able to reduce the margin of healthy tissue affected by the treatment beam.
  • A streamlined treatment console consolidates all controls for imaging, treatment, and motion management and enables the therapist to spend more time attending to the patient, and less time managing the technology.
  • Real-time imaging tools allow clinicians to “see” the tumor they are about to treat, and respiratory gating enables them to synchronize beam delivery with patient respiration.
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery is a non-surgical procedure that delivers precisely targeted radiation at much higher doses than traditional radiation therapy while sparing healthy tissue organs nearby. Complex radiosurgery that typically takes 40 minutes to an hour can be completed in just five to 20 minutes.
  • TrueBeam, with its unmatched capabilities, is a new breed of accelerator with the versatility to improve conventional treatments and at the same time support the clinical development of treatment innovations that offer patients more options for fighting their disease.

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