The Radiation Oncology Center

The Radiation Oncology Center at Baptist DeSoto is a 13,000-square-foot facility dedicated to providing advanced, convenient care in a comfortable environment. Located within the Baptist Cancer Center at Baptist DeSoto, the center combines advanced technology with a patient-friendly atmosphere. Among the high-tech equipment housed at the center is the Varian TrueBeam™ radiotherapy system, which targets tumors with accuracy measured in millimeters, allowing clinicians to tailor patients' treatments for their particular type of cancer.

Another special feature of the center is its visual therapy artwork, which helps comfort patients while they are awaiting or undergoing treatment. With physicians, medical physicists, therapists, dosimetrists, nurses and office staff devoted to caring for patients, the Radiation Oncology Center brings high-quality care closer to the North Mississippi community.

About the Treatment Process

First Visit

Your radiation oncologist will meet with you and your family to discuss treatment options. If radiation treatments are required, a treatment planning session, or simulation, will be scheduled.


To create the best treatment plan, a simulation may last from half an hour to one hour. During simulation, the radiation oncologist, therapist, dosimetrist and physicist document the important details of your specific body shape and disease location. The process involves placing marks on your skin and possibly constructing devices designed to keep you in one treatment position each day. At the end of your simulation, you will receive instructions for taking care of your skin in the treatment area. A follow-up appointment will also be scheduled to verify and begin your treatments.

Daily Treatments

The Radiation Oncology Center staff will work with you to schedule convenient appointment times. Usually, treatments are administered Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm. Each patient has a special treatment plan, so the area to be treated and the length of treatment are different for each patient. Much of the time in the treatment room is spent setting up the area to be treated.

Weekly Evaluation

Once a week, your doctor will check your response to treatment and give suggestions about how to deal with side effects. During this time, you and your family can ask questions about the treatment process.

After the Treatment Process

All patients receive post-treatment instructions, and may also receive a survey packet from Press Ganey Associates, Inc. We encourage you to complete and return the survey. We take all comments and suggestions seriously, so everyone's opinion makes a difference.

Things to Remember

  • All side effects that occur during radiation therapy are manageable.
  • The radiation passes through the body and does not remain in you. You are not radioactive.
  • Only the body part in the field of radiation is affected.
  • Normal cells exposed to radiation begin to repair themselves soon after exposure.
  • Make sure to get plenty of rest. Get more sleep at night, take naps during the day, and let family and friends help when they can.
  • Side effects usually improve within a few weeks.

Please call the Radiation Oncology Center at 662-772-2130 with any questions.

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