Advanced, Timely Critical Care

The first step in the emergency room is triage—assessing how serious your condition is compared with others waiting to be seen.

When you enter the ER, please sign in at our triage desk with an ER nurse who will ask specific questions about your condition and take vital signs such as blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate. Our admissions clerk will enter your information into a computer system accessible to doctors, nursing staff, the house supervisor, administrative offices, and the ER manager and director.

Your new chart is transferred to another triage staff member who will weigh you and, if necessary, order an EKG. For children, other measurements such as rectal temperature, height, and head circumference may be obtained. You will then be moved to a smaller waiting room until an exam room is available.

If wait times are longer than 30 minutes, we will begin the process of ordering X-rays, urine/blood work, CAT scans, or ultrasounds, depending on your condition.


Once you are called into a room, a nurse will complete an assessment. Following the assessment, one of our physician assistants or nurse practitioners will evaluate your medical needs. If your condition warrants further evaluation by a physician, you will be moved to the first available room. If your condition does not warrant further evaluation, you will be taken to one of two places: a procedure room or the results waiting room.

Procedure rooms are used for such things as IV starts, medication administration, splints, stitches, etc. You will be taken to our results waiting room if you are waiting on blood work, X-rays, CAT scans or ultrasound results. Recliners are available for patients' comfort.


Please be assured that we are working to get your tests completed and your results back as soon as possible. We encourage you to update our staff with any changes in your condition. Also, we will be happy to update you regarding progress with your test results. Once your results are in and have been reviewed, the nurse practitioner or physician assistant who was overseeing your care will explain your results.


Federal privacy laws prevent us from discussing your care with other patients and visitors. Please be assured that despite the common waiting area, your medical needs and information are kept private. We also ask that you do not discuss your care with other patients to help ensure that each patient's privacy is respected.

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