Baptist Collierville Sleep Disorders Center Frequently Asked Questions

Polysomnographic Testing

A guide for your overnight stay at the sleep disorders center

Welcome to the Baptist Sleep Disorders Center. You are scheduled for an overnight polysomnographic (PSG) study in our facility. We are located at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Collierville in Suite 307. Parking is easily accessible in the emergency room parking area for our weekend patients to register at the emergency room admissions area. Our weekend day sleep center patients should park in the front entrance and register in admissions. We are glad to assist and make your visit as comfortable as possible. A team of technologists will be available to help you during testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PSG study?

A PSG study is an overnight sleep monitoring for the evaluation and treatment of sleep related problems. Your breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels, brain activity and leg movements will be monitored while you sleep by using an assortment of electrodes and monitoring devices. These will be pasted and taped comfortably to your body and head.

How should I prepare myself for the overnight sleep study?

Please arrive at the lab at the scheduled time. If you must be late due to an unexpected emergency or other circumstance, please call our center at 901-861-9004 so scheduling adjustments may be made as necessary. Please bathe and shampoo prior to arrival. DO NOT wear any make-up, lotion or hair products, as these will interfere with the sensitivity of the testing equipment. Remove nail polish from at least one finger so that oxygen levels can be read from the fingertip.

What should I bring?

Bring ALL MEDICATIONS you normally take. Please ask your physician which medications you should take prior to the study. Bring a LIST of medications and dosages to give to the technicians as a part of your medical record.

Bring comfortable, loose-fitting bed clothing or pajamas. House shoes or a comfortable pair of sneakers should also be worn. You may bring a favorite pillow, blanket or book. Toiletries and towels are available in your private restroom.

How will I get the results of the test?

After the test ends in the morning, a technician will remove all of the equipment and you will be discharged unless additional daytime testing has been ordered. You will know at the time of your appointment whether this may be required. The test data will be scored and interpreted by the board-certified sleep physician. He will contact you with the results and send them to the ordering physician. If any breathing equipment is prescribed, the physician will send a prescription to a health care equipment company. The company will contact you to set up the equipment.

DOs and DON'Ts


Try to maintain daily activities prior to the study but avoid napping and inactivity. A moderate amount of exercise or walking on the day of the test may be beneficial. Consult you physician concerning exercise if you do not have an exercise program.


Sleep or nap on the day of the test. Please try to awaken at your normal wake time and avoid sleeping late on the day before the testing.

Please call if you have developed a new illness (example—a "cold" with coughing or a back injury) which may affect your scheduled testing.

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