Philosophy of Philanthropy & Giving

As a not-for-profit health care organization, Baptist Memorial Health Care has a rich tradition of serving and providing benefit to our communities, not only through our dedication to offering the best quality of care for more than 100 years, but also by responding to community needs and concentrating our resources in areas that truly make a difference.

Guided by its mission of healing, preaching and teaching, Baptist's goal is to provide high-quality health care throughout the tri-state Mid-South. Community health services mean more than the 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year commitment we make through our 14 hospitals and other facilities. You’ll find Baptist Memorial Health Care in some places you might not expect – in community clinics and health fairs, in mobile health vans that travel into low-income neighborhoods to provide medical and dental care, in community centers helping young women understand the importance of pre-natal care and in classrooms where children are just beginning to understand the importance of healthy living. Our philanthropic giving is focused on two primary areas, health care delivery and preventive services and education.

Commitment to Community & Charity

Our commitment to the community is sincere and long standing. Not only do we provide financial support through our sustainable and ongoing partnerships with local community groups and organizations, but we also offer in-kind donations and volunteers. We are dedicated building a healthy community by anticipating and responding to our communities'; health needs, improving the well-being of the people we serve and to being a neighbor of choice.